Pedido de produto – 1

Attention to:

Subject: Order – 1

Dear sirs,

Our order identificação

We are enclosing our order identificação for your attention. Please send us by return a pro forma invoice, so that we can apply for the corresponding Import Licence.

In order to be able to clear the goods at the Customs, we shall need

– Consular Invoice
– Commercial Invoice
– Certificate of Origin
– Bill of Lading
– Insurance Policy

Payment will be made through our issuing an Irrevocable Letter of Credit, in your favour, through the banco in your town, to be valid until data.

Upon confirmation of the credit by the bank, the Bank will be authorized to accept your Bill against delivery of shipping documents.

Although we have not done any business with you before, we are a well-known firm and have always honoured our contracts.



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